The Writing Reflections Program

The Writing Reflections Program is comprised of two
primary areas of focus:

1. Writing for Health

The "Writing for Health" component focuses on personal development, primarily by using journaling as a method of promoting emotional well-being. This component helps you relive past experiences with thoughtful narrative and detailed description.

Through the practice of Reflective Writing Therapysm, the integration of reflective writing and writing therapy, you will learn how to evaluate past experiences and release them, focus your energy on the present through the act of writing, and prepare for the future with your new insights on how to deal with situations as they arise.

2. Writing for Wealth

The "Writing for Wealth" component focuses on creative development, primarily by offering you the tools needed to become a better writer. This component helps you to transform your journal entries into polished stories literature by offering the fundamentals of great writing. We discuss topics such as find your writing voice, the use of dialogue, descriptive writing, using narration, the fundamentals of storytelling and the generation of story ideas.

Regardless of the writing genre (fiction or creative nonfiction) or the writing format (personal essays, short stories, memoirs, novels, etc.), writers of all levels will benefit by learning techniques to strengthen their literary skills.

Customized Learning Experiences

At Writing Reflections, we recognize that everyone has different writing needs and goals. This is why we allow you to customize your learning experience. You may choose to engage in the whole Writing Reflections process or engage in just one of our focus areas.

Begin your writing journey today by choosing the Writing Reflections Learning Experience for you.